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Summer is Officially Here!

We are busy gearing up for berry season! More color is spotted every day; even though nothing is fully ripe the few ones we've found still taste like summer. So fun!

Please spread the word if you can by sharing this post or our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram that we are selling black currants at our Farmstand in July. We only pick berries when they are ripe and dry. We pick them fresh each day we sell them and our season is usually very short. Our farm has over 10 acres of Black Currants in production of the Ben Alder and Tiben varieties that produce tens of thousands of pounds yearly.

If you know how many pounds of black currants you want to purchase this summer please call or text message Kyle 360-815-2246 to put your name and phone number on our list. We will notify you once the berries are ready to be harvested and when you can come purchase them at our Farmstand.

Fresh market prices for We-pick Black Currants and U-pick Red Currants, Raspberries & Blueberries will be posted shortly, please check back soon.

At this point we estimate opening U-Pick early July for Red Currants and Raspberries weather depending. Please call to confirm we are open prior to driving to the farm. U-pick Blueberries and We-Pick Black Currants will follow as soon as the fields are ripe. We will keep you updated on their status.

Thank you and happy summer!


Pangborn Farms

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