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2450 Pangborn Road
Lynden, Washington 98264

U-Pick Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Closed Sundays

Check our Season Updates page, Instagram or Facebook stories for season opening and closing dates, and important weather-related notices. 

Helpful information for your visit to the farm:

Blueberries are u-pick and we-pick. The u-pick field is located just west of the farmhouse. You may park on the grass or the gravel parking lot near the playground. Depending on the weather, these berries are generally ripe and available to pick during the whole month of July. We-pick berries can be ordered in bulk (200 pounds or more) by calling Kyle.

Raspberries are u-pick only and are located on the north side of the blueberry field, closest to the gravel parking lot. These berries are usually available to pick during the month of July. Sometimes, depending on the weather, they are ready for picking at the end of June. 

Black Currants are we-pick only due to food safety compliance regulations. They are only available on a few select "Farmstand" days in July. Our Farmstand is located on the east side of the farmhouse, under the big white tents. You can park anywhere that makes sense, grass or otherwise, just make sure to watch for farm machinery. For quantities over 20 pounds, please contact Kyle with your name, phone number and pounds to place a pre-order. This ensures we have the correct amount of berries each day. We can only pick the berries when they are dry, so please make sure we are open and have berries before driving all the way to the farm.

Red Currants are u-pick only due to their delicate nature. They are located east of the farmhouse, in front of the secondary house on the property. You can park on the grass or gravel driveway, away from the road and concrete pad used for our picking machines.

Free boxes are available for you to pick and take your berries home in. We also have a playground for children (please supervise them), portable toilets and hand-washing stations. We welcome you to pack a lunch and make a day of it. It is truly beautiful on the farm this time of year. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy your berries, and time out here!

PRE-ORDER For 2024: 

Call or Text Kyle 360-815-2246 to get on the list for We-Pick Black Currants. 

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