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Opening for U-Pick Friday July 5th!

It is finally time, our Raspberry, Red Currant & Blueberry fields will open on Friday July 5th. We are open daylight hours - 7am to 10pm, Monday through Saturday. We are closed every Sunday.

Visit our website, Instagram, Facebook for new updated pictures of the berries as they ripen, updates on weather and all of the info needed to visit the farm.

**Blueberries are on the tart side and a bit harder to find this early, if you are coming just for Blueberries you may want to wait until next week.

**Black Currants are NOT ready yet, they are still not sweet enough to pick with our machine. We will be updating you on these beauties soon. You can reserve your order by calling Kyle 360-815-2246 and let him know your name, phone number and pounds you would like.

See you soon! :)

Kyle & Lindsey Van Dyken

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