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Summer is almost here!

We are closely approaching berry season and I don't know about you but I am excited! I love being able to pick fresh berries off the bushes throughout summer. I might be a little spoiled to be able to do that daily...but I do realize and appreciate the gift it is! That season also means long days and hard work (especially for Kyle and the crew) but it is so worth it to see the fruit each year; and especially how happy you are when you come visit the farm to purchase that fruit! Thank you for your support throughout the years, we are so blessed to have such lovely people come to the farm each year.


At this point we have green berries beginning to grow on the black and red currants. Blueberries and raspberries are following with some berries forming and some still at the flowering stage. The bees are really happy with that though. It is so peaceful to walk up and down the rows listening to them.

We won't know more on opening or Farmstand days for a while. These past few seasons have taught me that anything is possible even up to the last day!

Kyle started growing a few thornless gooseberry plants last fall and some of them have tiny berries on them already...but they won't be harvestable for another year or two. We plan on adding in more as time (and space!) allows. (btw, if you me convince him to turn more lawn into berries) they sound nicer than a mower.

  • Updates on opening dates and pictures of the berries and farm will be posted on IG and FB (links in footer below).

  • Updates on opening dates w

ill be posted on this page as well as IG and FB.

Expect to see at least bi-weekly updates on IG and FB, and weekly updates on this blog. Once harvest season hits around the beginning of July *weather dependent* we will update IG and FB daily and blogs will be updated multiple times a week.

If you have any questions or need to get in touch with us our contact info is below, either call, email, or message through IG or FB. If you can, please help us spread the word and grow the farm's outreach. Last year we sent 21,000 pounds to our commercial manufacturer, after fulfilling your orders...plenty to go around :) We are @pangbornfarms and appreciate every like, follow, fb review, google review etc as it helps us grow our audience and awareness that currants are growing here!

Thank you again for your support and your prayers, we know without you this farm would not be what it is now!


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