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Closing out 2023

Thank you for your support this year! We are so grateful to have so many customers come back year after year that it's hard to even call you customers; you're more like our summer family! We love to hear your kids playing and having fun, and we especially love hearing how much you enjoy visiting the area, and all of the ideas you have for black currants. This year we were given authentic compote, red currant tarts with meringue, jars of medicinal black currants (that taste just like fresh!!), homemade charcuterie spread...and all of your blessings and prayers. We are overwhelmed in gratitude. Thank you!!! You are the reason we do this. Thank you for bringing so many amazing people to the farm. We are amazed with the love you have for this farm.

Our last u-pick day will be August 2nd. If you need bulk orders of blueberries please contact Kyle 360-815-2246 and we can pick them for you with our machine. Those berries are perfect for baking, jam & freezing as they do come off a bit softer and will need light sorting but for pre-picked berries $2 per pound is a great deal!

Our weather this year was just about perfect for the u-pick season with only a few really hot days, and a couple of pretty windy days but the tents stayed up so that's a win!

Commercial blueberry prices tanked this year so we are glad to have had a lovely u-pick season. Cheers to another year! We made it!!

Kyle & Lindsey Van Dyken

*We may begin offering frozen currants for sale in the future, so keep that in mind for friends & family that missed the season, or if you run out during winter :)

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