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2024 Season Update, Yay!

Summer officially begins on Thursday and we are SO excited to bring you another beautiful season of berries! We are closely watching our fields and will be updating you as the berries ripen and our u-pick season opens. 2024 pricing will be posted soon!

Typically we see Raspberries and Red Currants ready to pick first - usually the beginning of July but it might be a little early this year...we will see. Our Blueberry u-pick field is closely behind with our Duke blueberries being an early variety. Generally we see enough blue to open the field the first week of July. As you can imagine, we cannot be exact with the dates because the berries grow when they want to, and depending on weather it can vary a lot. Keep in touch on our socials or here for updates and new photos of the fields in the coming weeks.

Our goal is to share this farm with community and provide a safe experience for everyone to learn about farming and have delicious FUN! We aim to keep the berries at a low price that allows you and your family to stock up and benefit from these amazing berries all year long.


These photos were taken June 12-16, 2024: Red Currants, Blueberries, Raspberries, Black Currants

Black Currants are We-pick only as we use a harvest machine to pick to order. We sell fresh Black Currants at our Farmstand usually mid-July. They are picked the same day we sell them so it is important to call or message Kyle 360-815-2246 to reserve your amount needed. He will write down your name, phone number and pounds requested and will be in contact to set a pickup date/time once in harvest time. This ensures we will have fresh berries boxed and ready for you. Please call ahead if you have any questions- you can leave a voicemail on the first call but if you need help immediately please call twice. The reason we do this is because our voicemail is updated regularly and many questions can be answered by listening to our voicemail greeting. We urge you to check with us before driving to the farm for Black Currants. If it rains in the morning we must delay picking because we can only pick Black Currants when they are dry. We are also closed Sundays.

We are looking forward to having you come out to the farm and enjoy the berries and views, and peaceful setting for you and your family. We have a playground for kids, wash stations & portable toilets for your comfort and we welcome you to bring a picnic lunch to make a day of it!

Once our season begins, the u-pick fields will be open Monday through Saturday from 7am to 10pm, or dawn to dusk. We are closed Sundays for family.

A few notes on directions and operating procedures:

We do not charge an entrance fee but ask that you pay for all of the berries you pick. We provide free boxes that stack for you to pick and take your berries home in, but feel free to bring your own containers.

Please be aware that Pangborn Road is a county road and during summer harvest season there are tractors and heavy machines operating regularly. Sometimes they go a lot faster than the 35mph speed limit, take a lot to slow down, and it is harder for them to see you. Please be careful and always yield to them -don't pull out until you watch their speed.

Please make sure to drive slowly once on the property as there are usually kids running around in the fields (as they should) :) We are very family friendly and offer a laid-back experience and would love to continue doing so. Unfortunately due to restrictions in our food-safety policies, we cannot have dogs in the fields.

For the u-pick blueberries and raspberries, make sure to use your blinker, turn north into the field just west of the white house and follow the fence line north. Feel free to park on our grass next to and down the fence line, or on the gravel field just north of the playground. Washstations and toilets are located near the playground.

When our Farmstand is open mid-July we will have a separate area set up on the east side of the white house where you can drive to pick up pre-picked Black Currants. Use the wrap around driveway and park on gravel away from heavy machines. U-pick Red Currants are located further east of the white house, just south of the grey house. You can drive to this area and park on the gravel driveway around the field. Weigh and pay for the Red Currants in the Blueberry/Raspberry u-pick field under the white tent or the farmstand if it is open.

This information is available if you click around the website, but we figured we could compile it here as well, even though it makes it very long. Hopefully it is helpful, let us know if you have questions by emailing or calling - Kyle: 360-815-2246.

We are looking forward to seeing so many of you again, and meeting new people as well! We would be so grateful if you could share our farm website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with anyone interested in Currants. We would love to see knowledge of their presence in Washington state grow. We have 12 acres and add more every year. We can take wholesale orders under certain circumstances, please contact Kyle for more information.

Thank you so much for supporting our family farm! We value you and know that without you, we couldn't do what we do! We are grateful for you.

See you this summer,

The Van Dykens

Kyle & Lindsey

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